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We are professionals in the teaching of Spanish and English as a Foreign Language. If a language is culture, we believe that learning languages can unite cultures, broaden minds and horizons in an increasingly global world.

We also offer fun and cultural activities in order to connect people and immerse themselves in the language experience, as well as to make them feel part of a growing community:

Our specialty is the Spanish language, but we also help people improve their English and other languages like German.  This is how we do it:

Learn Spanish

Spanish lessons in the classroom: for those who want to take it further, we deliver Spanish classes also in a traditional way, always with native Spanish teach

Social Learning

Social activities where people can have an informal chat and exchange their language, then to optionally take part in a conversation class with certified native teachers.

Learn in Spain

Spanish lessons in Spain: would you like to learn Spanish in Spain? We partner with schools in different locations: Malaga, Marbella, Madrid, Valencia…

Salsa Dancing

Come and dance every week at The Magnet Liverpool, have fun while keeping fit, and increase your self-confidence while making friends!

Creative Personal and Professional Development Workshops

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          Hola People


          Name        Esteban Tejedor

          Company    Hola People (ATLAS & COSMOS LTD.)

          Address       1 Old Hall Street, Liverpool

          Postcode     L3 9HG

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