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Business Development

  • Discusss, plan and achieve your business goal.
  • One to One Project consultancy
  • 90 day action plan

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6 week online programme to build foundations of:

website, social media, lead magnet, email marketing.

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Client attraction

Simple steps to attracting clients.

Free pdf with the essentials you need.

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Gillian helps small business owners providing services to become masters of their own marketing and business development.

‘Online Business for Offline People’ means that that getting face to face with someone is a highly successful way of building business relationships and getting networked locally. With an Online foundation of: website, emailing,


free download, blog, and social media the reach of your message can be increased wider and you have online tools to add depth to your offline relationships.

Gillian helps to enable the business owner to build up their story, and become proficient in the use of online and offline resources to communicate with existing and potential clients.

Name        Gillian Hunt

Company    Gillian Hunt

Address       54 St. James St. Liverpool

Postcode     L1 0AB

Tel              07988 616 704

Mobile         07988 616 704