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Full name Company
Mark Lawler Baltic Creative CIC
Steve Molyneux Complete Claims Management
Dave Burrrows Damibu
Gillian Hunt Gillian Hunt
Gill Lyndsey Gill's Health and Fitness
Derek Nuttall Glyn Nuttall Ltd
Esteban Tejedor Hola People
Vicki Keenan Letton-Percival Ltd
Mark Sleat Martlets
Mike Dickman Norgate Telecom
David James People Solutions Ltd
Moruf Personal Success
Dave Burrrows Radfield Home Care
Paul Robinson Radium Security
Sarah Howarth Real Change Coaching
Raoul Hamilton Burke RHB Wealth Management
Jennifer Striblin Scarecrow Print
Sarat Kumar SK3 Developers
Julia Henderson Tails in the City
Ian Crosswell Thrive with Ian
Peter Alcock Wilson Henry
Robert Zatz Your Energy Matters

New Members

Dave Bellis  Radfield Home Care

Morufu Bello Personal Success



Peter Alcock

Raoul Hamilton- Burke

Raoul Hamilton

Vicki Keenan

Paul Robinson

Dave Burrows

Sarah Howarth

Sarat Kumar

Mark Sleat

Ian Crosswell

Steve Molyneux

Esteban Tejedor

Gillian hunt

Derek Nuttall

Robert Zatz

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Mike Dickman

David James

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