Join Us

Invitation Request Steps

1. See where you fit in

Check the members and see if you complement our existing members.

2. Ask for invitation

If you believe you can add something unique to our group ask for a guest invitation from a member you know or download here.

3. You will receive an invitation

Providing there is no conflict of interest with an existing member you will receive an invitation to the next breakfast.

4. Guest welcome

Bring your business cards and a 60-second introduction.

Membership Fees

Liverpool Business Forum is a non profit club which works for the members. All fees are used entirely for the development of the club.
The membership fee is £175 per year. There is nothing else to pay. This includes the fortnightly breakfasts.
Fees are due on 1st October or a pro-rate fee due on the month of joining.
Guests may attend up to two breakfasts before joining.